In a small and beautiful yard, where a nice old couple live together with their animals, life runs smoothly to the rhythm of nature. Now… Imagine if, in this yard, a turnip was born. But not any old turnip! …a GIANT TURNIP!!! So gigantic that nobody could pick it. What can be done? That is what we are going to discover in this simple and visual story which, as well as showing us the day to day tranquillity of those who live off and for the land, reminds us that even the smallest and weakest can have a… GIANT importance!


The Giant Turnip is originally a Russian folk-tale by Aleksey Tolstoi, which has all the elements necessary for a fun, entertaining play in a single story. The story of the Giant Turnip charms with its simplicity, and is a real classic with lessons to be learnt for all, and which, on the stage, features moments of fun, affection, effort, dedication and friendship. With bucolic imagery, the Partículas Elementares company sensitively yet creatively illustrates the principle that strength is to be found in unity.


Original Text: Alexis Tolstoi
Dramaturgy: Nuno Clemente, Carlos Silva
Actor and Puppeteer: Carlos Silva
Direction: Leonor Bandeira
Set Design and Puppets: Planeta Zorg
Fotography: Paulo Colaço
Production: Partículas Elementares

[Duration] 40 minutes
[Recommended Age] 3 years and up

Premiere 2009


Best Show Festival Nacional de Teatro - Palcos de Outono Portugal 2012
Best Set Design 28ª Mostra Internacional de Titelles a la Vall D'Albaida Spain 2014
Best Show - Public Choice Mó Fest - Festival de Marionetas em Oeiras Portugal 2016

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