In the magical world of marionettes, Leonor Bandeira and Carlos Silva bring emotions, moments, and adventures to life; stories about one character or another which are turned into memories that last forever. These are wonderful slices of time that allow the reality of different lives to be discovered, lives that captivate and enchant, created with objects from everyday life and that highlight the simple features of a good story.
From show to show, from tale to tale, the Partículas Elementares company brings to the stage an immense sense of complicity between the performers and the audience, in a tender bond that encompasses a whole series of emotions from the word go. Simple stories, full of emotion, and lessons to be learnt and observed, give substance to a company that is committed to reinventing and deconstructing life itself.
Performing since 2003, the Portuguese puppet theatre company’s main aim is to combine different artistic forms such as music, poetry, sculpture and painting, along with many other arts that merge in magical scenes and sets, and always feature an educational component. With its own production, Partículas Elementares Puppet Theatre is today an icon in its field, and boasts an extensive audience of both children and adults.