“I know of a nest.
In the nest is an egg.
And the round egg
Has a little bird,

Ninho (Nest) takes its inspiration from one of the simplest poem by the Portuguese author Miguel Torga, Secret, who in just a few short lines reveals that a well kept secret can strengthen true friendship.


Ninho is the latest project by Partículas Elementares, and also their most adventurous, as the company has set out to tell the story without uttering a single word.
Pure visual poetry, the Nest unfolds in the details. With a minimalist plot, the narrative develops by chance; a child’s curiosity, piqued purely by coincidence, unleashes a web of affection. On stage, Carlos Silva – the show’s author and only performer – features in an unhurried performance, which gains traction through the expressive, emotive and surprising artwork of Leonor Bandeira. In a set with few props, and just one main character, 3 secondary elements and a soundtrack that complements the entire play, the Nest is a notable project that leaves the audience, children and adults alike, with a burning desire to let their imagination run wild.
Ninho is an invitation to appreciate the simple things in life—things that are easy to understand and that should be kept as the most important.


Original Idea: Carlos Silva
Director: Leonor Bandeira
Actor and Puppeteer: Carlos Silva
Set Design and Puppets: Leonor Bandeira
Light Design: João Sofio
Photo: Inês Samina
Production: Partículas Elementares

[Duration] 35 minutes
[Recommended Age] 6 years and up
[Language] No words

Premiere 2018

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