A simple story about complicated things.



Once upon a time, there was a girl named Alice. One day, Alice got sick and said that there was just one way for her to feel better … having the Moon. Could her father fulfill her desire? He thinks so, even because Alice’s father is the President. And the President always gets everything. But … the Moon?!


An impossible wish creates a story in which love is the starting point for everything. A story about emotions and the nature of these, where love takes on such huge dimensions that the impossibility of something happening is just a smokescreen.
I want the moon! is a story about a little girl called Alice, who lived in a country by the sea and had everything a little girl could ever wish for. But she lacked the most important thing of all: the moon. So important that she became sick without it, sparking in her father the enormous desire to make her wishes reality.
But was it really the moon that Alice wanted?
On a stage divided into various suitcases – which are opened scene by scene, ensuring the story flows in an emotional, surprising and educational way – I want the moon! reveals how a true friend can be the key to our dreams and how, in the eyes of a child, the unattainable can be easily reached.


Actor and Puppeteer: Carlos Silva
Director: Leonor Bandeira
Set Design and Puppets: Planeta Zorg
Photo and Vídeo: Natacha Sampaio
Production: Partículas Elementares

[Duration] 45 minutes
[Recommended Age] 3 years and up
[Language] English or Portuguese

Premiere 2016

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